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When it comes to the world of independent film Uniconn Productions is very independent. Award- winning indie filmmaker Michael P. Connelly writes, directs, produces and edits all of the movies for this studio. In addition to those tasks he also acts in his movies and creates all of the animation and special effects. In fact, he does everything that is necessary to get one of his films made including cinematography, costumes, music, sound recording, sound design and a list of other jobs that are too numerous to mention.

 Founded by Michael when he was back in film school at CSUN, Uniconn Productions is still going strong today pumping out creative films and animation for the entertainment industry.

The creative skills of Michael P. Connelly combined with his passion for the art of truly independent filmmaking are the driving forces behind Uniconn Productions. Doing all of his own writing, drawing, sculpting, filming and animation  (to name only a few tasks)  he creates unique and entertaining work with very small budgets.

Michael P. Connelly has won many awards on the independent film festival circuit going back to the late nineteen eighties, including a win in the short film category at the prestigious Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for his film Mike and The Magic Lamp. This particular category has been won by almost every A list Hollywood Director in the past including Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Ang Lee. 

Taking the path of a very independent filmmaker in his career Michael P. Connelly has made movies on his own terms. While this has meant working with miniscule budgets and very little publicity it has also meant complete creative freedom on his part. Free to make indie movies with an original vision and daring subject matter, the way independent films should be made.



Uniconn Productions designs and produces all of its animation in house. We can do all types of animation :

                  2D ANIMATION                        


                CLAY ANIMATION


            CGI ANIMATION & FX 







Take a look at our samples provided on our demo page and then Contact us at  if you would like to discuss funding an independent film, or if you would like us to design and/or produce any kind of animation for your film, TV show or web site.

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